Symphony in Red

Symphony in Red
Symphony in Red

This is one of my earliest works where I was learning to develop a color strategy.  I kept the texture rough by using palette knives.  I made the yellow lines by dribbling paint from a sample of indoor house paint I obtained at a local paint store.  I like dribbling paint, because it adds an element of randomness.  I attempt to stir the emotions and intellect by using a combination of irregular (usually) shapes and colors.  All my painting is very subjective.  I decide what colors and shapes to use based on how they make me “feel” for lack of a better term.  For example, some shapes give me the impression of being more or less violent while others may seem more or less peaceful.   The same is true of colors.  Some seem more peaceful or sedate than others.  I choose the name of the work on a similar basis or sometimes at random–like a Rorshach test–I just use the first word that pops into my mind as the title.  Often I use musical terms like symphony or concerto in the title, because those works are also a combination of subjective artistic elements flowing together to create a whole.


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