Wave and Sun

Wave and Sun
Wave and Sun

This has always been one of my favorites, though I am not certain why.  I painted this several years back (2009? 2010?) when I lived on the Gulf Coast at Corpus Christi, TX.  I do not recall how I came up with the idea.  Somehow it comes to mind that I was at Bob Hall Pier on North Padre Island when it occurred to me to have a wave with its crest pointing to the sun.  The sea and sky of course would be blue and the sun as a large yellow dot would draw the viewer’s attention to it along with the crest of the wave.   The sun would have to be off-center of course.  I made the texture of the wave by stringing light blue paint up and down in curves to shape the wave.  Now that I am thinking of it, it seems that a lot of the challenge in composition to me has been to draw the viewer’s eye around the canvas.  In my abstracts I try to do this by putting small spots of dabs of color against contrasting backgrounds.  For example, if I had a mostly dark blue abstract, I might put a dab of bright yellow paint in one corner and a bit of bright orange in another, and so forth, if I thought the viewer’s eye needed to go to that spot to keep the eye moving.   Anyway, that should be the subject for another post dealing with abstracts instead of something more realistic like this wave and sun.

Thoughts?  Comments?


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