Blue Jupiter

Blue Jupiter, 2015
Blue Jupiter, 2015

In preparing for the upcoming show I found two small tabletops lying around that I had purchased months ago from Lowe’s for experiments with something other than traditional canvas. For me, the most obvious thing they could represent would be planets, particularly with NASA’s latest exploratory expeditions being so prominent in recent headlines.  After contemplating what could be done with the smallest tabletop, I thought that the wood grain could represent the bands around Jupiter.  There is also a small defect in the wood in almost the same location as the Jupiter’s famed red spot.  Therefore I decided to mask the defect with red latex.  I used a yardstick to approximate Jupiter’s band and it worked fairly well.  To bring out the red spot, I made the rest of the planet various tones of blue. I used white and shades of brown to enliven the work  “Blue Jupiter” is fifteen inches in diameter. .


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