Green Flash

Green Flash, circa 2010
Green Flash, circa 2010

I created “Green Flash” about 2010 for a show at the Corpus Christi Art Center.  A “green flash” is what occurs just as the last bit of the sun sinks below the horizon.  Because of various optic principles involving color, the bending of light, and the make-up of the Earth’s atmosphere, flash of green light occurs frequently (if not always) as last bit of the sun disappears from view.  I chose to represent this phenomenon with a minimum of representation.  I was living in south Texas at the time, which is very flat, so I chose to portray this as it might appear along the south Texas horizon.  Red, of course, is frequently the dominant color of sunsets, so both the sky and Earth are red, though in different shades and, also of course, it is great for bringing out green.  The green is the last bit of the sun and the short, black lines represent the south Texas scrub, which is mostly mesquite.    The paint is acrylic and the canvas size is 30″ x 40″.


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