Pluto Ascending

Pluto Ascending, 2015
Pluto Ascending, 2015

This is the second work I created today using a tabletop from Lowe’s.  I chose Pluto because of today’s headlines concerning the New Horizons spacecraft coming into view of all of Pluto’s five moons. In July, New Horizons will be at its closest point of approach to Pluto. Therefore, as of today, the New Horizons flight will probably be discovering new facets of Pluto with great frequency, thus the name “Pluto Ascending”, because when something ascends, it comes into view.

I read in an article today that Pluto has a reddish tint.  The  best photos I have seen of it so far in Google Images have been fuzzy.  Therefore I made Pluto overall dark red with some areas black and nebulous to symbolize the unknown.  I made a few points white or yellow to symbolize new discoveries coming to light.  I used blue and orange-red to provide some additional colors and contrast. Paints used were acrylic and latex. The tabletop is 18″ across.  As with “Blue Jupiter” I attached two black wooden slats about one inch thick to push the tabletop away from the wall and to provide space to attach the hanging wire.  This also has the benefit of making the work seem to float in the air an inch away from the wall.


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