World on Fire

World on Fire
World on Fire

Although I did not create this work today, I thought I would post about it as it is the first work I created using a tabletop.  This work has the distinction of being my only work shown in the South Texas Museum of Art as part of a temporary exhibit by the South Texas Art League.  I made it somewhere in the 2007-2011 timeframe.  I applied earth colors heavily and smeared them using putty knives or palette knives. I then dribbled latex paint from Pittsburgh Paints onto those colors and coated it all with a heavy pottery glaze for added effect. I entitled it “World on Fire” to represent the environment going up in flames because of bad practices such as deforestation of the rainforest, warfare, and other catastrophes.  As with “Blue Jupiter” and “Pluto Ascending” I attached black wooden slats to the back of the work to push it away from the wall and to provide space for the hanging wire. It is 24 inches across, about two inches thick, and quite heavy being of solid wood (oak, I believe).


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