Anasazi Autumn

image This is another work from May 17-18. I wanted to toy with shades of brown, house paint, and spray paint. I sprayed the entire canvas with a sort of light tan/umber and then sprayed the edges with shades of brown.  My goal with the house paint was to bring out as much contrast as possible.  I tried something different in its application;  I dipped an artist’s paint brush in the desired color and strung/dribbled it across the canvas, producing thin threads, or flicked it sharply to produce sharp, violent splatters such as the yellow ones in each of the lower corners.   It is 24″ x 36″.

I struggled for a name and came up with “Anasazi Autumn” only tonight.  I chose autumn because of the autumnal colors and Anasazi, because I created it in Aztec, which is in what was the heart of the Anasazi region about 800 years ago.


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