Concerto in Yellow Minor

The Honey Sonata
Concerto in Yellow Minor

This is the last of the May 17-18 works.   This one is 16″ x 20″.   This was another experiment with colors and techniques that intrigued me at the moment.   Originally, I chose the title “The Honey Sonata”, because the background color resembles honey and sonata because, like with some of my previous paintings, I see a rhythm or “musicality” in some of my works.  However, after some contemplation, I changed it to the present title. The primary reason for the change was simply because “The Honey Sonata” just didn’t sit well with me subjectively.  The other reason is because a sonata is primarily for a keyboard instrument and there is no obvious connection to a keyboard instrument in this work. Concerto in Yellow Minor seemed to be a better fit, because a concerto is usually for one instrument (the dominant color equivalent here is yellow), but it can generally be any instrument.  I chose “…Yellow Minor” simply because it is a lighter, weaker shade of yellow.   A stronger, darker yellow I would call “yellow major”


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