Happiness Revisited

Happiness Revisited
Happiness Revisited

36″ x 24″.  Acrylic and Latex.  When I created this, I was experimenting with using a few partially few cans of spray paint of random color.  I sprayed on the colors at random, creating a nebulous background onto I streamed latex of similar, but not exact, color in order to create thin lines with a hard edge to contrast with the background.  I named it after studying it and deciding these would be what might be considered “happy” colors associated with clowns, children’s parties, circuses, etc.  The “Revisited” came from a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald “Babylon Revisited” in which a man returns to the neighborhood where he used to party hard to collect his daughter, the product of his wilder days.  I thought of symbolizing someone returning in a sad story, this painting could be emblematic of someone returning to happier days with a happy ending.


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