The Re-purposing of #PhilSlatteryart

CC 2011
The blogger on the Bayfront in Corpus Christ, TX in 2010

I originally started this website several months back to publicize my own works of art and to occasionally talk about those artists which I admire.  However, I have focused more on writing in the last few months and this website has, unfortunately, fallen by the wayside.

After election night, I was in shock like many others and I started the Twitter account for this website to promote the aesthetics of life in order to fight the rapidly growing weltangst I saw in the headlines.  This was as much for my own peace of mind as it was altruistic.  I have found that this was a wise move as it gave me a chance to focus on the beauty and joy of the world and to know that I was doing something, however small, to make the world a better place.  I encourage everyone to do the same.

Now, I am going to expand upon the lessons I have learned.  I will start blogging about aesthetics here and use the tools that WordPress provides to spread those message to other media such as Twitter (of course), LinkedIn, Tumblr, and others.  This is something I do as a service to our community, society, culture, and species (as this posts will go out worldwide).

I will post material from many sources and belief systems and will not limit myself to one.  I will endeavor to remain positive.  When something negative crops up in the media, should I decide to comment on it, I will try to  do so by promoting what I perceive to be the right and positive  approach in correcting it and not by condemnation (which will be difficult at times).   For example, when news erupts about lying within a government, I will try to combat it by emphasizing the value of truth and how our society relies upon truth to accomplish what needs be done.

That’s all I have for now.  More to come…



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