#Paintings and #Digital Images Update of May 26

CC 2011
The blogger on the Bayfront in Corpus Christ, TX in 2010

I updated the website today to a new format to include separate galleries for my paintings and for my digital works.   If you are on Twitter or other social media, you can find it at phislatteryart.wordpress.com.


“A Trace of Memory…” by James Radcliffe

I make things all the time. Pieces of music, poetry, little collections of photographs, essays (impromptu dance routines) etc, etc. Some of these grow into larger projects, some I make just to make. One of my favourite things is show up in the studio (can you see I have nothing up my sleeve?) and create […]

via A Trace of Memory – A New, Free, and Ephemeral Thing — JamesRadcliffe.com